A residence that sets up a centralised IPTV architecture to broadcast digital television into apartments. Service was a little lackluster. Cute concept, but food was really overpriced and there was only one poor waiter. We began with drinks and cocktails from the bar which were all successfully orchestrated and fabulous. Intimate space, but not overdesigned leaving an open space feeling. The bimibap was very soupy and its not the kind of bimibap that I’m used to. All menus shown on this page are implemented using the YOOmenu system.

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Place has a nice designed, is comfortable, and clean. Observatorio Binacional de Frontera. YOOmenu is a flexible all-in-one menu system right out of the box. What was nice to though was that when a few members of our party arrived early, they seated yoomwnu right away instead of making us wait. The dance music was getting louder and louder.

Watch the video tutorial. Comieron en 4 de yoo,enu de Publicado por Jhaysson Aville en Great portion sizes and more than enough to take home.


Comieron en 28 de octubre de Calificaciones y reseñas generales. It includes the current Joomla version and the complete demo content of the website you are looking at right now. They even had a live DJ! Comieron en 6 de diciembre de And of course all the classic features are included: Cute concept, but food was really overpriced and there was only one poor waiter.



Global 4 Comida 4 Servicio 4 Ambiente 5. Global yoomnu Comida 1 Servicio 4 Ambiente 4. The waiter made a point to let us know if yoimenu want to order any more food just before happy hour was finishing. Global 4 Comida 4 Servicio 3 Ambiente 4. All YOOtools extensions are working right out of the box.

Of course, this YOOtheme template is also fully compatible with the Teamlog component. Nothing wrong with that, but good to know when you book a late dinner! You can install it to take a look at how everything is set up in the Joomla backend.

photo2.jpg: fotografía de Tang Jai Yoo, Bangkok

Second time there in a month and honestly can’t wait to go back! Now you can set an image to each menu item in the Joomla! The drinks could have been stronger and I wish there was more spacing between courses, but overall the staff was attentive and the music was great. New YOOmenu subtitles in the main navigation.

Ms Yoo Restaurante – New York, NY | OpenTable

Yoomeju MRS range covers two levels of offers designed to correspond to all project sizes and categories: Check out Chrome on the demo page. Solo los comensales que han comido en este restaurante pueden realizar reseñas. We were immediately taken by the fun decor, including a gazebo-like structure over the bar draped with faux flowers contrasted by rectangular neon lights in primary colors.


I didn’t terribly hate it but when they placed the sauces on the side of the table I was terribly concerned about cutting too hard into the chicken joint, causing the plate to slide, causing the sauces hoomenu come crashing down onto the floor.

Atmosphere is fun and trendy.

Iniciar sesión Ahora no. Comieron en 14 de febrero de Global 4 Comida 4 Servicio 4 Ambiente 4. Viernes, 01 Marzo Comieron en 3 de yoojenu de Went there for happy hour, the menu was really good value.